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The Apollo Soft Gels 1500MG W/Melatonin from Olympus Gardens is one of the easiest ways to get your daily dose of CBD and with melatonin infused in the softgels and it packs a powerful punch so you can get that phenomenal sleep. If you don’t like using a CBD oil or tincture, these soft gels are the perfect alternative. Because every CBD capsule has a precise amount of CBD, you’ll always know exactly what you’re getting when you take a super nanocapsule. There’s no measuring or fiddling with a dropper, and it’s great if you don’t like the herbal flavor of CBD.


Soft gels are great for taking on the go. The only take a second to swallow, and they work quickly. With every serving, you’ll get a dose of the finest CBD that exists. The capsules’ small size makes them easy to swallow, even if you’re someone who has a hard time taking pills.


Our customers love taking soft gels for a wide variety of reasons. They can help with physical, mental, and emotional ailments. They are also completely THC-free! That means you can enjoy the maximum powers of CBD without the worry of getting high.

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