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Premium CBD Flower- Merlot


Premium Flower- Merlot

If you want to get your Hemp Extract fix the old-school way, the premium Hemp Extract flowers from Olympus Gardens are the real deal! These are the highest-quality Hemp Extract flowers on the market. It’s the perfect way to indulge in the powers of full-spectrum Hemp Extract. And the Merlot strain is one of the best!
If you love drinking Merlot, you should definitely try this Hemp Extract strain out. The scent and taste are similar to the wine, but, of course, the Hemp Extract flower can benefit you in ways ordinary Merlot can’t. You get to experience the power of all the elements of the hemp plant working together with this broad-spectrum hemp. The result is greater balance in your physical and mental health.
These Hemp Extract flowers contain less than 0.3% for your peace of mind. Every premium Hemp Extract strain from Olympus Gardens has been carefully selected. Only the highest-quality ones make it to our customers!

  Ingredients: US Natural Hemp Leaf


Terpene Test Results Analyte

CAS No. LOQ Mass Mass % % mg/g

ſ-Myrcene 123-35-3 0.004 0.175 1.75

ſ-Caryophyllene 87-44-5 0.004 0.143 1.43

ž-Pinene 80-56-8 0.004 0.051 0.51

ž-Humulene 6753-98-6 0.004 0.049 0.49

Ɓ-Limonene 5989-27-5 0.004 0.036 0.36

ž-Bisabolol 23089-26-1 0.004 0.034 0.34

Ocimene 13877-91-3 0.004 0.030 0.30

ſ-Pinene 18172-67-3 0.004 0.028 0.28

Caryophyllene Oxide 1139-30-6 0.004 0.016 0.16

ž-Terpinene 99-86-5 0.004

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