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Purple Tattoo Brightening Lotion


Purple Tattoo Brightening Lotion

Do you have a gorgeous color tattoo that’s started to fade? Unfortunately, this is normal once your tattoo is totally healed. But you don’t need to get a touch-up to show your tattoo’s full glory. You need the power of broad-spectrum CBD in the form of our Purple Tattoo Brightening Lotion!


Thanks to CBD and other key ingredients, this brightening lotion brings out your tattoo’s pigment and enhances the design. When you cover your tattoo with this special formula, you can be confident it will always be looking stunning. The ingredients are also moisturizing. You won’t have to worry about dry, flaky skin getting in the way of the beauty of your ink.


All your need is a little bit of this CBD lotion to start seeing vibrant results. Make an easy, stylish statement with this lotion and your tattoo will stay looking fantastic for a longer period of time!

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