Aphrodisiac Foods to Increase Libido

While you may have heard that oysters are the pinnacle for increasing your libido, many choices offer comparable capabilities. Some of these foods are scientifically supported, while others have been consumed for generations to treat sexual dysfunctions in many cultures.

Generally, food is considered to have an aphrodisiac effect when it includes critical nutrients. On the other hand, some products are known to engage with neurotransmitters in the body.

Chocolate, for example, stimulates the synthesis of the stabilizing hormone serotonin, which might make us more energized and receptive.

With that said, here are some of the other aphrodisiac foods that can increase your libido.

1. Brazilian Nuts

Brazilian nuts aren’t just an excellent way to meet your daily protein requirements, but they can significantly help enhance your fertility.

Selenium, an active chemical contained in these nuts, has been associated with decreased risks of prostate cancer in males. That’s why consuming Brazil nuts once a week will assist you in avoiding developing prostate cancer later in life.

2. Celery

While it may come as a surprise to you that this fibrous vegetable is on the list of aphrodisiac vegetables, it may actually significantly improve your sex life. Eating celery might be beneficial for men who wish to seem more alluring to their female companions.

This is because celery stimulates the synthesis of androsterone, a hormone generated naturally by males when they sweat. Androsterone is responsible for developing masculine characteristics in men, such as chest hair.

3. Spinach

Spinach is known to have high amounts of magnesium, which reduces general inflammation in blood vessels. When your arteries are free of inflammation, blood circulation within your body improves.

As a result, consuming spinach will help increase the blood flow below the belt. Moreover, spinach is also high in folate. To support normal erections, healthy men require a specific amount of folic acid in their bodies.

4. Pomegranate

The blood-red fruit provides ellagitannins, a bioactive antioxidant that aids testosterone production within the body. This chemical prevents the androgen mechanism from releasing too much estrogen into the body.

Elevating testosterone levels also help males develop their secondary sexual traits, such as a deep voice, facial hair development, and increased muscle weight ratios to body composition. Therefore, consuming more pomegranates can help you overcome your low testosterone problem.

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